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Exhibition: Czech Scientists and Their Inventions

Under the auspices of the Open Science III project, an exhibition of caricatures of Czech scientists and their most famous discoveries was held with the aim to appeal especially to young visitors and introduce them to Czech scientists inventors, and innovators. The portraits of the best-known Czech researchers are by no means exact copies of their originals and the same goes for their inventions. The main idea of the exhibition is to encourage the attentive visitor to find the correct pair – match the scientist to his invention.

Czech names have a ring to them in the world

The exhibition is accompanied with a number of important questions. Have you ever looked at things around you and wondered how they came to existence? Do you remember who was the first person to discover all the four blood groups? Can you guess what the principles of heredity are? Do you know the purpose of the propeller? Do you know the scientist credited with the discovery of soft contact lenses? All these discoveries and inventions were made by Czech scientists of whom you maybe never heard before. Still, we keep on using most of their great discoveries and inventions even today.

Science as a game

The exhibition is a huge success, and the visitors are eager to compete in their knowledge. As scientists, we have our finger on the pulse and that is why we moved our exhibition in the online environment, where you can test your knowledge and compete with others from the comfort of your own home. How well do you fare in science?


Do you know the names of all famous Czechs who contributed to science with inventions such as contact lenses arc lamp, or intaglio printing? Can you say in which period they lived? Compete with others and test your knowledge in our game!


Today we take most of the Czech inventions for granted. But can you say since when we have been able to develop colour photographs or wear two-piece swimsuits? Test your knowledge!

Women Scientists

Many Czech women belong among internationally admired scientists who contributed to the world with inventions which we cannot live without nowadays. Do you know in which period their inventions took place? Show what you know!

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